June 3, 2022

5 Things To Consider First Before Entering Into A Loving Relationship

When seeking a deep and meaningful relationship, we all know how hard it can be to find true love. The last thing you need is to find that special person only to discover that your mind, priorities and personal circumstances are not conducive to a loving and caring relationship. It can be a total kicker. However, it’s important to be crystal clear on these 5 points before taking the relationship plunge!

Step 1. What do you want in a partner?

If you haven’t figured this step out then, please don’t pass go! If you don’t know what you want, then how will you know when you find it? Think about what makes you tick, be open and honest with yourself. Your personality will reflect the type of person you’re most likely to be compatible with.

A very simplistic example being if you are a tidy person, then don’t go for someone who isn’t. That’ll cause arguments once the honeymoon period ends. Identify your desirables and must-haves, be specific and don’t budge. Find a person who ticks most, if not all, the boxes, which will be a strong starting point.

Step 2. Leave Your Emotional Baggage In The Past 

There aren’t many people who haven’t experienced the emotional rollercoaster of a relationship. All experiences, positive and negative, are life lessons and should be viewed as exactly that. Some people will have experienced toxic and traumatic relationships that are hard to get over.

It’s important to try and put this behind you to move forward with new hope and positivity. Not all people are the same. Give your new partner a fair start and leave your past exactly where it should be in the past.

Do the internal work that’s required to deal with any past experiences or traumas. Don’t carry negative emotions, experiences or energy with you into a new relationship. It isn’t fair on you, and it certainly isn’t fair on the other person. Be brutally honest with yourself and hold off until you know the time is right. Remember Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – Do the inner spiritual work and use your emotional guidance system to ensure you are ready to share your world.

Step 3. The Law Of Allowing 

Be who you were designed to be. It is so important to be authentically yourself. It is even more important to realise the powerful Law Of Allowing and let your partner be Authentically themselves. Do not try to change others; allow them to be exactly who they want to be.

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The reality is we are all uniquely different; it is a universal law and part of the great cosmic design. We are not meant to be the same, so please do not try to mould your partner. Relationships are supposed to be free, loving and totally natural. If you try to change your partner, it is like swimming against a tide and that, my friend, isn’t cool. 

Go with the natural ebb and flow of the relationship; do not resist, let it be what it was designed to be – Don’t swim against the tide

Step 4. Be Authentically Yourself 

To be authentically yourself is to share your true essence. Ultimately it helps to be in the type of relationship where you can be totally unguarded, doing so releases tension. I liken it to meditation do not hold onto thoughts of worry and fears, do not identify with them because you are not your thoughts.

Learn to observe, learn to allow your true essence to flow. The same is true for a relationship; learn to observe your thoughts and feelings allow yourself to flow freely. Become a conscious observer, become a conscious creator, and apply emotional intelligence through internal work. 

Only then will you be the Spiritually Authentic being that you were placed here to be. 

Step 5. Gratitude 

This is incredibly important; usually, when people enter into a relationship, they can’t do enough for each other. However, after a while, that enthusiasm starts to disappear. 

Here is where the attitude of gratitude steps in, always try to remember what qualities you fell for and be grateful for them. Showing love and appreciation as frequently as you can does nothing but strengthen your bond and shows your partner just how important they are to you. 

A loving, caring and sharing relationship is a gift. Remember always to treat it that way. Relationships can often be over before they start; like most things, strong foundations are necessary for success. These 5 steps can help you create those foundations. 

Be honest with yourself, know your worth and always treat others with the same love and respect you would like to receive. You never know you might just find your Twin Flame.

Love Light & Unity Twin Flames Dating


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