June 3, 2022

Definition Of A Perfect Relationship

The definition of a perfect relationship generally requires three qualities: excellent sex, close friendship, and a shared outlook on life. Things will not be entirely satisfying even if you have two of the three things, and will probably not last.

Perfection is a difficult goal to achieve because no one is perfect, and we all have characteristics that distinguish us, but there is perfection to be found in love. It’s a feeling that can make a relationship feel just right while still ticking, many of the boxes on our desirable and must have lists 📓

Harmony, compatibility, mutual appreciation and support are all topics that should be discussed but ultimately, it’s things; such as attitudes and behaviors that really demonstrate what love is all about, even the tiniest of actions, should be filled with love 💕 

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Friendship is the bedrock of any successful partnership, it is a genuine collaboration, there should be no higher positions given to men or women, and all plans are made together.

It’s easy to fantasize about having a perfect relationship, but the fact is, there’s no such thing, because what you consider great might not feel the same to others.

The idea of a happy, healthy, solid relationship can often be misconstrued, couples will fight, disagree and argue, this is a natural, and to be expected when people come together from different walks of life.

Most romantic relationships have their ups and downs which is normal and can also be healthy at times. When both parties work together, with a willingness and commitment to respect each others views, adapt, and take the steps necessary to build a healthy relationship that keeps you connected and fulfilled. You will enjoy long-lasting happiness. 

All special relationships take work from both parties so love 💕 respect and cherish each other as you share the Amazing experience we call Life. Be present and enjoy every moment because no day is ever promised. Each day we experience is a gift from Source Energy…… So savor all that life has to offer.

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