June 3, 2022

Twin Flames Meaning And 6 Signs, That You Might Have Found Your Souls Most Beautiful Connection

A connection so deep you feel as though you have known them your whole life!

What is a twin flame? A twin flame is a person that you connect with intensely. To say a person completes you is pretty much exactly how you would feel about your twin flame. 

To put it simply, a Twin Flame is a mirror soul – on a higher spiritual level, it is a state in which a soul has developed and ascended to such a high plane that it is able to separate itself and inhabit two different bodies at the same time. 

What causes this to happen is The Devine Spiritual Energy, Vibration, and Cosmic Love within this Multi-Dimensional Soul Being is so strong and so overwhelming that it splits itself in half and becomes Twin Flames

Two Halves Of The same Soul 

Unlike that of a soul mate, the bond between twin flames really is on another level. You could call it a Super Soul Mate because while you could have many soul mates,.

There will only ever be one Twin Flame!

Because twin flames are one soul shared by two people, there will always and only ever be one. And herein lies the beauty of the uniqueness of the connection because when you find each other “Two Become One

What are the signs? 

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1. You Share A Vision

This is where the connection is found to be so deep! When you meet your Twin Flame you will share the same vision with an incredible sense of synchronicity. You must be clear on that vision and this is incredibly important in life. If you have no vision and you are not clear on exactly what you want out of life then this sign could be slightly hazy. Twin Flame or not you must be clear on your dreams and aspirations! If you don’t know exactly what you want then how will you get there? 


“Imagination is a Preview of Life Coming Attractions”

Albert Einstien 

2. They Feel Familiar 

You will feel a deep sense of familiarity and a connection so strong that it can be felt in every molecule of your being. This may have you feeling like you don’t ever want to be separated from each other. You will instinctively know this feeling as it will be a sense of connection, unlike anything you have felt before. 

3. They Share Similar Experiences 

Even though Twin Flames (TF’s) may have been brought up in completely different parts of the world. Their soul’s life experience will be very similar, sharing many of the same lessons and when the two come together to reflect. It is at that point that these shared experiences become the gel that strengthens an already intensely familiar bond. 

4. You See The Number 11:11

Although the number 11:11 is a powerful angel number with many meanings. One particular meaning is that your TF’s is in your life or is on the way. Now you could be crossing paths with your TF’s all the time because paths can cross many times but when the timing is right… They will appear! 

5. When The Student Is ready The Teacher Will Appear

Your TF will be your greatest teacher, on a soul level they know exactly what you need to learn, and on a deeper more spiritual level, they help you rise to Higher Levels Of Consciousness. Soul development can be pleasure, pain, and everything in between but the journey to the initiated is the greatest gift and oh sweet. 

It will be a total trip and at times extremely hard and challenging but ultimately it is your path, your soul’s calling, and exactly what you came here to experience. 

This is Higher Spiritual Science!

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6. Habits and Similarities 

You share the language of the soul on a deeper level and that is reflected in the external world through your habits, hobbies, and interest even down to diet. The universe is a powerful force and the connection you feel to each other will be like a universal force magnetizing every atom of your being together. You will spend so much time saying “I do that, I like that” That in the end words will no longer be required you’ll simply give each other a familiar look and that’s all, that will be needed.

Now finding your Twin Flame is very rare, however amazingly deep and spiritual relationships are not. Everything is Energy and the Law Of Attraction is one of the most powerful and fundamental laws of the universe. 

First, you must be Crystal clear about what you would like to see in your future partner. If you don’t know what you want then how will you ever know when you find it? 

Do not settle for mediocre you are an infinitely powerful being so do not settle for anyone that does not ignite your soul. Remember, your relationship should never be treated as anything other than a Devine union. 

You are an incredible being made to perfection and that’s how you should be treated every minute of your life. 

Love Yourself, Love Life, See The Beauty In ALL That There Is.

Vision Yourself In Nothing Other Than An Amazing Loving, Divinely Exquisite Relationship.

Because When You Know What You Want, The Universe Conspires To Get it For You

Love, Light and Unity Twin Flames Dating 

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