Community Guidelines

Welcome to Twin Flames Dating

At Twin Flames Dating Community, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive space where meaningful connections can blossom.

We believe in the power of finding your spiritual companion and forging deep relationships.

To ensure a positive experience for all our members, we have established these Community Guidelines to set clear expectations for behavior within our community.

Respect boundaries

We value individual comfort levels and encourage everyone to respect personal boundaries.

Please refrain from sharing explicit content, sexual desires, or seeking solely physical connections on public profiles.

However, in private conversations, such discussions are acceptable if all parties involved are comfortable.

Consent is of utmost importance.

Thoughtful sharing

Be cautious when sharing personal information or contact details publicly.

Avoid displaying phone numbers, emails, or social handles in your profile.

We strongly advise against sharing sensitive information like bank account numbers or email passwords.

It’s also important not to request personal details from others.

Use discretion when it comes to financial transactions with other members.

Avoid violent content

We foster a positive and safe environment, which means we have a zero-tolerance policy for violent content.

This includes gore, death, images or descriptions of violent acts, the use of weapons, and any content that promotes or glorifies self-harm.

In cases where there is a risk of imminent harm, we may reach out to offer assistance and provide crisis resources.

Personal connections, not business

Our community is focused on genuine connections and spiritual companionship, so we discourage advertising, promotion, solicitation of social media followers, selling products, fundraising, or campaigning on our platform.

Additionally, Twin Flames Dating Community is not a platform for any form of sex work, escort services, or compensated relationships.

Authenticity matters

Embrace your true self within our community.

We value authenticity and encourage you to be genuine in your interactions.

Creating fake accounts or pretending to be someone else, even in jest, goes against the spirit of our community.

Communicate respectfully

Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds can be challenging, but respectful communication is key.

Take a moment to pause and reflect before reacting if a conversation takes an unexpected turn.

Harassment, threats, bullying, intimidation, doxing, sextortion, blackmail, or any behavior intended to cause harm is strictly prohibited.

No place for hate

Twin Flames Dating Community stands firmly against racism, bigotry, hatred, or violence based on someone’s identity, including race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, or sexual orientation.

If a member does not align with your personal preferences, kindly unmatch instead of reporting them unless they have violated our policies.

Kindness over harm

We take any act or behavior that suggests, intends, or causes harm to another member seriously.

This applies both online and offline, digitally or physically.

If you have experienced harm within our community, prioritize your well-being and consider the necessary steps for healing.

If reporting the incident to us is part of your healing process, please reach out.

We are here to support you.

Age requirement

Twin Flames Dating Community is exclusively for adults aged 18 years or older.

We strictly prohibit the posting of photos featuring unaccompanied or unclothed minors, including pictures of your younger self, regardless of how adorable you may have been.

Adherence to the law

Illegal content and activities are strictly prohibited on our platform.

This includes using Twin Flames Dating Community for buying or selling drugs, counterfeit goods, or engaging in any activity that breaks the law.

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding harm involving minors or human trafficking.

One account per person

Each individual should have their own account.

For logistical and privacy reasons, multiple people accessing the same account are not supported.

Respect copyright and privacy

Avoid posting images or private messages from other individuals

unless you have obtained their explicit consent to do so.

Respect the copyrights and trademarks of others by refraining from posting protected content.

Be an honest member

We expect all members to use Twin Flames Dating Community responsibly and refrain from abusing the platform.

Do not spread false or misleading information, spam harmful links, send unsolicited content, create multiple accounts, manipulate or deceive others for personal gain, or submit misleading reports.

Third-party apps that unlock features or attempt to game the system are strictly prohibited.

Stay active

To ensure an active and engaging community, we encourage members to log into their Twin Flames Dating Community accounts regularly.

Accounts that remain inactive for two years may be considered dormant and subject to deletion.

Reporting: We value the voices of our community members and encourage you to report any instances of harm, discomfort, or violations of our Community Guidelines.

Your reports are treated confidentially, and by speaking up, you help us maintain a safe and supportive environment for all.


We take the enforcement of our Community Guidelines and their impact on our community seriously.

We strive to ensure that everyone adheres to these guidelines.

We have a warning system in place, but if violations persist or if a severe violation occurs, we will take appropriate action.

We reserve the right to investigate and/or terminate accounts without refund if we find any misuse of the service, inappropriate behavior, unlawful activities, or violations of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

Including actions or communications that occur off the platform but involve individuals, you met through Twin Flames Dating Community.

At Twin Flames Dating Community, we are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive space for our members to connect on a spiritual level.

By abiding by these Community Guidelines, we can build a community where meaningful connections thrive.

Remember, your actions impact the experiences of others, so let’s foster an atmosphere of respect, authenticity, and kindness within our Twin Flames Dating Community.

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